Thursday, November 5, 2015


Aunt Phyllis traveled around the world to complete the genealogy for their family (Paternal side), she was unable to unearth genealogy for their Mother (my Grandmother), because she and her sister were placed on a Orphan Train, when they were 5 and 10 years old.  Living in NY, Orphan Trains were quite common.  

When I visit with my Mom, we always like to chat about the genealogy of her family.  It's amazing how family history travels through time.  I decided on one of my visits to borrow some of the family history documents to use in one of my mixed media art pieces. Dates of documents, range from late 1700's to late 1800's, except for my Mom's birth certificate. There are five documents within the artwork that pertain to my Mom's family history.  While thinking about my Mom, the artwork below is what flowed through me... The artwork will be professionally printed, framed and, presented to my Mom.  Maybe, you will think about creating mixed media artwork for your family.  It will be something special from you and, can be treasured by family members for a lifetime.

Sincerely, XO