Tuesday, January 19, 2016


My online art journal process is very easy and simple.  I am not much of a writer as you may have discovered.  My everyday life is creating artwork, mixed media with watercolor. I like posting what I create to encourage other people to join me in the world of creativity, because it's good for our body and soul.  It takes us to a place of relaxation, where we can move into a different zone.  If you have a bad day, not feeling well or your mood is just not what you would like it to be, creating, can be a wonderful outlet. Give it a try!! I believe you will be surprised how revived you will feel afterwards.

Below is my latest creation.  I really love this piece of artwork, because it looks like corduroy material.  I added a few butterflies for interest.

Moving on to the next...hopefully, I will be able to post a new piece of artwork, tomorrow.  Wishing you joy and peace. XO